High process costs and EXPENSES due to C-parts

You are not alone with this problem.

Recurring manual maintenance of C-parts in the ERP article master is a constant source of effort. Duplicate data entry for articles, prices and orders also harbors the risk of errors. Finally, due to the lack of transparency in the flow of goods, it is unclear when the goods will arrive.

"Can't the purchasing process be optimized and mapped transparently in the ERP system?"


ENKO and Würth

With Dynamics365 Business Central, you have a flexible ERP system at your fingertips with which you can digitize virtually all processes to suit your needs.

Together with Würth, ENKO Software GmbH & Co. KG has developed an interface for the exchange of article catalogs, order documents and follow-up documents to minimize your manual purchasing processes. 

Thanks to an electronic document flow, your orders and associated documents can be exchanged digitally with Würth.

With the optional order management process, you can continue to use your typical contact points with Würth (salesperson, web store, app) as usual and map and manage them in Dynamics365 Business Central. 

Download add-on at

Würth E-Procurement Live

Find out in a personal demo appointment how you can receive and manage the Würth article catalog in Business Central with the integrated Würth E-Procurement add-on solution and how you can receive, view and process orders, delivery bills and invoices as electronic documents from Würth directly in your Business Central system.

E-procurement made easy!

Find out in this webinar how the procurement process with Würth can be fully digitalized and how you can continue to use your usual Würth contact points (app, web store, sales staff, etc.).


Complete procurement process takes place in own ERP system

No system crashes

No double data entry

No more manual price maintenance necessary

Automatic creation of goods receipts

Automatic creation of the Würth invoice

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