Think of everything, including the details?

What can we do?

Our commitment to your needs goes far beyond the obvious. We think of everything, including the details, and offer you tailor-made solutions that optimize your business processes and achieve your goals.

Our expertise covers a wide range of consulting services, including the conversion of Excel processes into customized software solutions, the integration of Business Central with other systems and the development of interfaces. We are at your side to ensure that your individual requirements are met and that your company is successful.

Together, we translate processes and requirements into IT language and customize the software for companies. This is how we ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

For us, services begin with advice. We go into the company and take a look at how your manufacturing company works. The relevant question for us here is: How can information technology help to improve your production processes? Using a catalog of requirements, we work together to determine what the solution needs to achieve in your day-to-day production. When it comes to complex tasks in quality or process management, it can make sense to develop a software prototype. This demonstrates whether the planned system architecture also works in practice.

Our approach to consulting goes beyond theoretical concepts. With our click prototypes, we can decipher problems and visualize solutions even before the actual development begins. These prototypes allow you to experience the software in action and make important decisions based on sound insights. We focus on interactivity and transparency to ensure that our solutions meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Close to you and far into the future

How do we work?

At ENKO, everything revolves around processes. Around your processes. Because we are aware of this: Every company has its own specific work processes. The devil is often in the detail. But where are these insidious little sources of error? Good question.

If you want to find what you are looking for, you need to know what to look for. This is easier for us than other IT service providers because we have been familiar with the special features of the manufacturing industry for over 20 years. We have experience in making the necessary changes so that your production can continue to run normally. Because we were already working in an agile way when the word was still unknown. But we can do even more. In combination with our specialist knowledge of the cloud and digitalization, we have the necessary expertise to support you in virtual product development. This is how "Industry 4.0" becomes your own personal success story. Last but not least, we are aware that changes only take effect if the workforce goes along with them. At ENKO, "customized" means that the software is tailored to the needs and operating routines of your employees. This ensures a positive user experience (UX) and thus acceptance of the improved workflows.

At home in your working environment

What can you expect?

A medium-sized family business has different processes than a corporation. For ENKO, every solution therefore begins with both sides speaking plainly. Because let's be honest: the often-cited "challenges" are actually annoying problems.

You should prick up your ears and open your eyes. That's what we do. A good consultant must be a good listener and a focused observer. It is important to us to analyze and understand your work processes. We take the time to identify weak points. Only when we know which adjustments need to be made can we develop a solution that suits you. And afterwards? Quite a few companies are "consulting"-impaired. Everything sounds great in the presentation. But when it comes to turning theory into working practice, disillusionment sets in. Example: digitization. According to an IDC study, 70 percent of digital transformation projects fail. Too bad about the money invested!

Our approach is different. We make the way manufacturing companies work - your way of working - our own: Our software engineers develop prototypes. We don't need to explain their benefits to you, the manufacturer - the basic principle is the same as in classic product development. The prototype of our IT product reveals whether the solution we have developed will also run smoothly in reality. This practical test gives you the certainty that you will actually achieve your goals.