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Slow-moving traffic in process management

There were no highways in the Middle Ages. Narrow alleyways served as connecting routes. The situation is similar with work processes in the world of manufacturing. Their foundations were laid a long time ago.

Over the years, the processes have become more complex and complicated. Their business grew, but the IT structure did not grow to the same extent. There were traffic jams. The workflow became a stop & go.

This is also due to the tool that is often used: Excel. Originally developed as a pure spreadsheet tool, it is now used for tasks for which it was never intended. This misappropriation has its price. The manual effort and the risk of error are enormous.

Simple is simply more relaxed

This is where we come in

There is nothing more frustrating than things that don't run smoothly. When things keep getting stuck and grinding and progress is slow. This is where we come in. We take a look at your production processes - from costing to logistics - and then consider how they can be improved.

The decisive factor is: We are IT people, but we think and talk like the people in your industry. First we want to understand what your difficulties are. Our aim is to help you achieve higher quality standards with less effort. Your customers will naturally be pleased because they receive high-quality, reliable products. And your employees will also be happier and more motivated.

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Simply produce smoothly

ERP is more than just material requirements planning. ERP begins with the preparation of the quotation, covers all areas of production and also includes delivery to the customer.

ERP for manufacturing companies

ERP for production

Manufacturing Execution System


Efficient tools for your company

Discover our wide range of modules that have been specially developed to cover different business areas and increase your operational efficiency.

Get to know the PPS module

Würth E-Procurrment

Machine data acquisition

Who can guarantee that it will work?

Think of everything, including the details

Anyone who has ever been annoyed by computers knows that good products alone - i.e. software solutions - are not enough. For us, services begin with advice.

The relevant question for us here is: How can information technology help to improve your production processes? When it comes to complex tasks in quality or process management, it can make sense to develop a software prototype. This demonstrates whether the planned system architecture also works in practice. For us, professional advice not only includes comprehensive industry knowledge, active listening and in-depth analysis, but also solution concepts that can be tested in practice.

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ENKO Success Stories

"How do you solve difficult tasks?"

You can tell a lot of stories - and that's exactly what we're doing here. Using detailed user reports, we describe how we have approached tasks and how we have solved the respective requirements and problems. This will give you a first impression of what targeted project management means to us.

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