Who are we?

From a purely technical point of view: a software company. On the one hand, our developers create individual process software, and on the other, they ensure customer-specific integration and adaptation of standardized ERP solutions.

So much for the IT perspective. But for our customers, things look more holistic. They see us as problem solvers. As a project partner who thinks and acts with a practical orientation. This core competence stems from our roots. We, the founders of ENKO, have a background in quality management. There we learned and internalized that quality is a question of good processes. And how do you achieve this? By structuring the production processes in such a way that all work steps flow seamlessly into one another. Our software and web developers are therefore process improvers from the customer's point of view. People who make daily work easier - and therefore more economical, efficient and relaxed.

Forget the prejudices about IT professionals!

What do we stand for?

IT professionals are considered to be daylight-shy loners who have their bed next to the PC and live on pizza and coke - that's the cliché.

The truth is somewhat different at ENKO. We are team players. You have to be when it comes to such a complex topic as work processes. Coordinated interaction is the key to success here. And something else is important in this context: openness. With us, even the standard solution is customized because it is adapted to the requirements of the respective customer. This requires open and clear communication beforehand. We are not talking about processes in general, but about your specific workflows. And your problems. Because only honesty gets you further.

Our approach

How do we proceed?

Talking is followed by action. We take a pragmatic approach. A solution doesn't have to look good on paper, it has to work in practice. This requires a hands-on mentality and uncompromising quality awareness. We test harder than our customers and are only satisfied when your expectations are exceeded.

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Facts & Figures

Yesterday's success is tomorrow's stepping stone! It's easy to get off to a good start, but the last few meters separate the wheat from the chaff. That is why it is important for us to give our best in every project and not let up until we have achieved our goal. We promise you that!




Successful projects


Years of experience

We are proud of our low fluctuation rate. Investing in good employees pays off again and again in every product. We are now very well equipped across the entire software life cycle. Our team has extensive experience in the manufacturing and logistics sector. We also provide training ourselves, which is a personal concern of ours.

Our fascination with software development enables us to support our customers with the latest technologies and trends at the highest level. This should only lead to the "best result", a result that gives our customers a competitive advantage and with which everyone is thoroughly satisfied.

With over 20 years of experience in software consulting, we advise our customers on all manufacturing processes and implement the requirements with software programmed by us.