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Efficient data processing for your production: the power of Commandpipe

The Commandpipe is a powerful tool for the efficient processing of machine and quality data in your production. It acts as an intelligent interface between the collected data and the desired results by executing a series of configurable commands in a flexible sequence.

The command pipe allows the collected data to be securely stored in local databases before it is deleted in order to comply with data protection and security standards. The data is then passed through a series of commands that can be individually configured according to your production requirements.

These commands can perform various tasks, including converting the data into the desired format, mapping data to defined categories, compressing data to optimize storage space or converting values for further analysis. The flexibility of the Commandpipe allows you to adapt the processing steps to the specific requirements of your production and make changes quickly and easily.

Once the data has been successfully processed, it can be uploaded to the cloud, where it is available for further analysis and visualization. Based on this uploaded data, you can gain comprehensive insights into the performance of your machines, test and measurement data and make well-founded decisions to optimize your production processes.

Overall, the Commandpipe offers an efficient and flexible solution for processing machine and quality data in your production, enabling you to optimize your operating processes and increase productivity.


By efficiently processing and analyzing machine and quality data, production processes can be continuously optimized to identify bottlenecks and increase efficiency.
The Commandpipe enables real-time monitoring of production data, allowing companies to react quickly to changes to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
By collecting and analyzing quality data, companies can continuously monitor the quality of their products and ensure that they meet the required standards.
The improved efficiency and quality assurance lead to cost savings in production by reducing errors, minimizing waste and making optimum use of resources.
By analyzing production data, companies can gain new insights that serve as the basis for innovative improvements and give them a competitive advantage.
The command pipe can be adapted to the growth of your company by supporting any number of processing commands and steps.

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