Advanced production planning system
in conjunction with Business Central 

Discover the future of production planning with our outstanding Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) tool, which is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Business Central. We offer you the solution that takes your production processes to a whole new level.

"Discover how our advanced production planning system in combination with Microsoft Business Central can optimize your production processes."


ENKO "PPS": Integration with
Business Central

Seamless integration with Microsoft Business Central makes our APS tool the best choice for companies looking to optimize their production and operational processes. You can continue to use the advantages of Business Central and at the same time benefit from extended planning functions.


Scheduling and capacity planning
Material requirements
Order over-
Order release
Gantt chart
Planning variants
Conflict analysis
Synchronization with
Business Central
Excel export
Display from
Planning data in BC
Overview of orders, order lines and work processes: resource management made easy

Efficient resource management is crucial for your production. Our solution provides a clear overview of orders, order lines and work processes. You can easily recognize free resources and prevent overbooking.

This transparency enables a targeted increase in efficiency and better cost control. Optimize your production and maintain an overview with our production planning system.

Clear overview of orders and completion dates

Our solution offers a clear presentation of article orders and external service providers as well as the associated completion dates. You can see the status of all orders and recognize bottlenecks in good time. The display of completion dates enables precise planning and adherence to delivery dates. In addition, our solution offers flexibility in order placement, allowing you to place orders before or after the scheduled dates to meet changing requirements. Use the clear overview to optimally allocate resources and control costs. Maintain full control over your production planning to avoid bottlenecks and make your production more efficient.

Clear presentation of order lines at resource level

Our solution allows you to view order lines in detail at resource level to immediately identify bottlenecks or gaps in the distribution of tasks. The display at resource level shows which resources are required for each order line so that you can allocate resources specifically. You maintain an overview of the workload and the availability of resources and immediately recognize when certain resources are overloaded or tasks are not optimally distributed. With this transparency, you can reassign tasks and optimize production processes to avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency. In addition, our solution enables the display of overlapping work orders, which can lead to problems in production. Use the detailed display of order lines at resource level to improve your production planning and ensure smooth processes.

Effective order line management with a Kanban board

Our interactive Kanban board revolutionizes the way you manage your order lines. With intuitive functions, it enables you to optimally control your production processes and identify bottlenecks.

1. dynamic task distribution: Easily move job lines from one column to the next to track progress and allocate resources efficiently.
2. personal task prioritization: Highlight and prioritize your own tasks to get a clear overview of your next work to be done.
3. bottleneck detection: Identify bottlenecks and critical work areas by visualizing empty or overloaded columns and take immediate action to avoid production delays.

4. display linked processes: Highlight linked order lines or processes to clarify dependencies and ensure smooth processing.
5. collaborative way of working: Share the Kanban board with your team and enable effective collaboration by tracking progress together and achieving common goals.
6. flexibility and customizability: Adapt the Kanban board to the specific requirements of your production by displaying columns for different work phases or resource types that are needed.
7. continuous improvement: Use the insights and analyses from the Kanban board to continuously optimize your processes and achieve greater efficiency.

With our interactive Kanban board, you have the tools to take your order line management to the next level and ensure smooth and efficient production.

Seamless integration and MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY

15 - 25 %

Less planning effort
10 - 20 %

shorter throughput times
10 - 30 %

Reduced set-up and changeover times
Increased customer satisfaction through on-time delivery
Greater efficiency in planning and reduction of planning costs
Synchronization of planning data with Business Central

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