Many small cogs have to mesh and work together.

Who is supposed to keep track of everything?

The production orders must be correctly prioritized, the material must be on site on time, drawings, work plans and parts lists must be correct, the machines must be running and the employees must be focused on their work. It is important to keep an eye on set-up and production times and to plan logistics "in time" in order to meet customer expectations. And the whole thing has to be worthwhile! An MES system is designed precisely for this scenario.

"Which system is suitable for my production?"

Customized, inexpensive, fast

THE ENKO manufacturing execution system

There is no standard MES system! The vast majority of the approximately 150 systems now available on the German market were written for a specific company situation and have been continuously expanded. As a result, high-priced functional monsters that can do a lot, just not exactly what you need.

Because we know this, we have decided to take a different approach: ENKO-MES consists of individual functional components with which we map your production process. We put your ENKO-MES together with you and you only pay for what you really need!

Our functional components

We don't bend software, we trace your production processes and we do this with 20 years of experience in production and quality management. Contact us and we will put the control of your production back in your hands!

What makes our MES better ...

Not into the blue, but with a blueprint!

A picture is worth a thousand words! We first create a prototype for you and coordinate it with you. Only when you are sure that you will get the MES you need and the price is right do we start the implementation.

What else makes our MES even better?

Runs in the cloud and on-premise

Is multi-client capable

Merges several works into one virtual work

With PowerBI you receive ad hoc key figures about your production