There is nothing more frustrating than things that don't run smoothly.

When the workflow becomes a stop & go

On the one hand you have a software solution, on the other hand the company no longer fits into the tight corset. This is followed by "manual workarounds" and flawed Excel solutions. More and more time disappears into nowhere to keep the threads together. A shadow IT system has long since formed in the company that costs more than you think and is neither GDPR-compliant nor provides the information you need to manage the company.

Operational reliability leaves a lot to be desired and the operational risk increases, as does the dependency on individuals within the company. Further development and progress are out of the question, but simply starting again is either not possible due to time constraints or you no longer know who you can trust to find a solution.

80% configuration + 20% development = 100% faster development

Simpler is simply more relaxed.

Good software is a feel-good factor

Non-integrated software damages the company in the long term. Every day you wait makes the situation worse. Each new error costs more than the previous one.

We found many of our customers in this situation and made them capable of acting again. We identified the problem together and discussed and implemented the solution using a prototype. The problem has vanished into thin air, costs have fallen, the result is right and the processes run smoothly.

Our plus? We have the know-how, the tools and the experience. With our development framework, on the same platform on which Google programs, we have successfully implemented even internationally integrated projects.

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